Raudive Rises from the Grave: An Eerie Phone Call From the Dead?

For years, I’ve been fascinated with claims of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) and similar instances where people claim that they have been in direct contact with spirits of the dead. In addition to a numerous articles that have appeared about this over the years, there have been similar claims made about phone calls received from the dead, or even from presumed “aliens” (note the article by Preston Dennet that appeared in FATE Magazine in 2006 about strange-sounding phone calls from alien …

via The Cuckoo’s Nest http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/forumotion/yrGQ/~3/fl2xeEgEgp8/t1608-raudive-rises-from-the-grave-an-eerie-phone-call-from-the-dead

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