New Democracy School Proposal

Mystery School Charter Proposal:

11 February, 2013

I am writing this document to propose that a common charter be developed by democratic means over the internet for the development of a genuine-article mystery school. I propose that it be referred to for now as Democratic Mystery Academy, with chapters developed by democratic means all over the globe. This can form a useful basis for grassroots involvement in larger society, including in the political arena.

Why should such a proposal be made? At this point in history, it is clear that genuine democratic government is severely threatened, having already been effectively undermined by political party systems designed to undermine the democratic process, often with symbolic mascot-logos hinting of a largely socialist future for those who do not qualify as Capital Class. This sad state of affairs was achieved largely via a combination of infiltration, subversion, and disinformation. This has had a drastically negative impact on human nature across the board, and from a top down perspective also, as social aristocracy has maintained its own rationalized outlook resulting in their own version of distorted human character. Thus human civilization has been largely organized criminal in makeup for thousands of years now.

In order to counter this infiltration, subversion, and disinformation which has virtually destroyed any hope for humanity achieving a genuine and lasting Freedom, fully supported and protected by democratically precipitated institution, people must reserve for themselves the opportunity to practice democracy in such a fashion that group activities are immune to infiltration, subversion, and disinformation, and what better way to accomplish just such a goal than to reinstitute humanity’s largely defunct (for common people anyway) mystery school tradition on these evolved terms. Practice develops talent and talent is strength, or more specifically momentum. Regular people need momentum on their side for a change.

This is a democratic work ethic I am proposing here, where genuine truth is the goal, without the rationalization and repression that currently plagues human thinking and related endeavor … truth sought simply as the basis of sane human interaction and democratic skill development which can filter out into the world and into government. Truth and democracy will be shown to be mutually supportive, and intelligence is a prerequisite for lasting Freedom.

People can learn by experience and practice how best to use the archetypes; natural processes; psychologies; meditative and ritual disciplines; sciences; philosophies; symbol systems; bureaucratic systems (including smaller-scale socialist constructs); languages; and even task-directed pyramidal hierarchies for humanity’s genuine benefit and for the promotion of long-term happiness and related health … free of civil/social/psychological compulsion or related imposition. I propose that democratic interaction will prove superior – if initially difficult to employ – as a process of achieving consistent socio-intellectual grounding in Truth. It will be discovered, by initially very difficult means, that Truth and Liberty are largely synonymous, and the basis of sane social interaction.

Unfortunately, many an attempt at this kind of Society will prove abortive. I propose that persistence has been a virtue largely overlooked by common classes of people in the past. Truth admires and responds to this quality to the utmost. Democratic processes worked persistently, with this idea in mind, should precipitate organization of a superior quality that functions in a fair manner towards all members, who consistently meet as peers and organize efficiently towards an end of practical value in enhancing the enjoyment and health of the group.

Groups will find themselves mired in smaller scale versions of that which has undermined democracy in human-designed government consistently. Infiltrators, subversives, and disinformationists – like criminals – rarely prove to be lazy personalities. Unfortunately, Liberty and Laziness have proven effectively synonymous in the past, as Liberty tends toward ease as an expression of its natural grace. Healthy work ethic counters this laziness if persistence is practiced longterm, so that core-natural industry may find free expression in talented form.

Naturally, individuals from successful – and even less successful – groups can make contact with other groups to observe and share, and larger periodically scheduled events can be arranged at appropriate locations where the most successful groups can be presented to larger audiences and studied in a seminar-like environment. This could all be arranged via intelligent democracy practiced at an appropriate scale.

I propose that meetings should take place wherever they can be conducted safely and without disturbing society at large, and without causing harm to the environment. For example, science is a powerful tool to be wielded responsibly in both relative scale and waste production; know the law. Even outside the context of law and officially recognized science, alternative science can also become unexpectedly dangerous for unforeseen reasons even if the available literature is well understood – orgone biophysics related DOR device use for example (cloud buster or medical DOR buster). Some endeavors have dangers attached to them even the most well-meaning groups might fail to recognize in time, so investigators beware and, most certainly, be competent.

What is my own motivation for writing this? At the risk of imposing my own “metaphysics” or writing a personal manifesto, for all those who desire to read further:

I have been studying an incarnation timeline chronicled in mass media syncs relating to certain individuals throughout human history, which starts previous to 4th Dynasty Egypt and continues today. A central theme which this history hints of is that sanity is preserved via effective grounding in reality on a genuinely truthful level. These individuals were stressed, often severely, and do not exemplify what I would consider to be fully healthy human character structure (I have known only two such individuals myself), but they were successful – some covertly – in keeping some form of human happiness/health in mind as a goal worth potentially dying for … even Caligula who, even without his rewritten history, was involved in some extreme-intensity covert-action and lethal politics, ultimately becoming the covert basis of Catholicism as a political slap in his face (“Never forget, aristocracy rules and thus, anything you do or say can be used against you … period!”).

These individuals had available to them a common (covertly) mystery-tradition-based understanding supplemented with the record-experience of one Djedefre, the Pharaoh who used his pyramid at Abu Rawash to out-of-body explore, via necromantic meditation and rite, back in time as far as 250 million B.C.. Naturally he would have run across healthy humanity in his travels and studied them, thus begins the political shenanigans surrounding him and all subsequent incarnations of him throughout recorded human history.

This psychic war has gone back and forth, with for example Caligula being murdered and “sent to Gaul” for a short, exploited lifetime, only to be reincarnated in Batavia next as a young cavalry scout, who was then captured and turned into a gladiator in Rome’s attempt to stamp the life out of this soul. You see, Caligula insisted on “dying alive,” and one of his defiant acts was to raise himself a – relatively at least – happy little family, even choosing a wife of supposedly contemptuous reputation (according to “history” anyway) before dying, as his symbol for human happiness: “Make your happiness!”

Then there is Leonardo da Vinci, who symbolically encrypted 4th Dynasty Egypt into such works as The Last Super where Jesus is symbolically the Sphinx in front of the Three Great Pyramids of Giza shown symbolically as windows (they did this with Married With Children in “modern art times” using their front door as “a view of Giza”). He as an artist played with this concept of reality grounding by painting his human forms as realistically as possible, as people really are, openly contrasting his own work with Michael Angelo’s, who tended to paint “superhuman figures” in comparison.

This, and something needs to be done for democracy ….

via Truth Seekers: Cutting Through The Crap – All Forums

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