Official Story Surrounding Manhunt for Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Riddled with

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The events related to the Boston Marathon bombings are moving increasingly fast. Yesterday afternoon the FBI posted photos and video of two men that they claimed were connected to the bombings. Curiously enough the FBI said that people should pay attention only to the photos of these two men. This is despite the fact that there was a treasure trove of photos showing several suspicious looking people around the finish line right before the bombs went off. There were military types roaming around the finish line and a number of odd looking individuals carrying backpacks similar to what may have been used to carry the bombs. Thus far there has been no official explanation as to why there were military types roaming around the area of the finish line. There has also been no official explanation as to why there were strange drills and exercises being run in the general area of the Boston Marathon that have been reported by eyewitness accounts. As stated in my previous article pointing the finger at government involvement in these events, these types of drills are typically used as cover for a larger government sponsored terror operation as seen with events like the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 bombings in London. If the government was more open and honest with what was actually taking place, people wouldn’t be asking all of these questions. They are the ones that are fueling speculation and distrust by engaging the public in this manner.

Early this morning one of the suspects named Tamerian Tsarnaev was said to have died after the media reported that the suspects robbed a 7-Eleven convenient store, killed an MIT police officer, injured another transit officer and threw explosive devices as they tried to getaway. According to various media reports he was killed after being run over by a car that the other suspect his brother Dzkokhar Tsarnaev was driving as they tried to flee. There have also been other conflicting reports stating that the dead suspect may have blown himself up with a suicide bomb but at this point it is difficult to if any of these reports are even real. We are also being told that the two suspects are from a Russian area near Chechnya that came to the United States to kill people. If someone didn’t know what was going on they would think the stories being reported were from some crazy Hollywood movie instead of real life events.

To be serious, why would these people try to rob a 7-Eleven and create all sorts of havoc knowing that their photo is plastered all over the news media? Not only that but why would these guys stay around the Boston area and decided to rob a store where numerous security cameras are in place? And all of this is happens only hours after the FBI puts out their photos as people of interest in the bombings?

More importantly, where is the video footage of the alleged robbery taking place? Why has that not been released? Right now the media is only showing us a photo of one of the suspects said to be at the Seven Eleven which doesn’t even show the suspect carrying anything indicating that they were ready to rob the store. There are just too many holes in this story.

One of the most ridiculous aspects to what is unfolding is that it is now being reported that this Dzkokhar Tsarnaev individual allegedly became an American citizen on September 11th 2012. Are we really supposed to believe this bull shit? It is about as absurd as the young girl Christina Taylor Green who was allegedly killed during the Gabbie Giffords shooting incident that was said to have been born on September 11th 2001. Photos of the same girl only a few years older would emerge proving that the entire narrative surrounding her being killed was a lie. Specifically though, what are the odds that the September 11th date has such significance in all of these different incidents? It reeks of a poorly written movie script in their attempts to invoke the memories of the September 11th attacks with the viewing audience.

Police have ordered a virtual lockdown of the Boston area and surrounding towns in a massive manhunt for the remaining suspect. They’ve shutdown mass transit service throughout Boston and are asking people to not go out into public areas. In the end it is very likely that when all of this is over the official story will result with both suspects dead. Dead men tell no tales and it will give the public the satisfying conclusion that everyone wants. It almost feels like something out of the 1960s science fiction movie Fahrenheit 451 where the government fakes the death of the main character after he successfully escapes a police manhunt. His death was faked to give the public a proper conclusion.

Another puzzling aspect to this is why the FBI has not released any of the video footage from a security camera that was said to show one of these individuals dropping one of the backpack bombs in place before it exploded? One would think that this would be of particular interest to the public but there’s been no transparency with this and other issues related to these events.

An Aunt of the suspects was interviewed by the corporate media and actually stated that she thought her nephews were being setup. She rightfully criticized the FBI for not supplying any real evidence indicating their guilt. She would go on to say that the only information the FBI has provided thus far indicating their potential involvement have been pictures with circles around their faces. Even though corporate media hacks like Anderson Cooper have dismissed her as “crazy” she is actually correct. The FBI hasn’t produced any real evidence proving that either of these people were involved in placing the bombs. It is nothing more than empty rhetoric and the corporate media as they always do is just repeating what they are being told by government officials like its the holy gospel. In addition, other family members of the two suspects including their father have been interviewed and most of them couldn’t fathom that they would be behind these attacks. The possibility that they have been framed is actually likely considering the lack of evidence presented by the FBI and the absurd story surrounding last night’s events.

To top it all off it is comical that the government has been able to justify a complete shutdown of the public transportation system and even a no fly zone in and around the Boston area just to find a single 19 year old. They’ve even been running around conducting warantless door to door searches across the entire area. There are even reports that police are threatening the media who are trying to cover this story. Why would police be threatening the media? One would think that the police would want the media providing coverage of them getting the supposed bad guy but instead they are acting the exact opposite like they are trying to hide something. It is simply outrageous to see what’s happening. Even if you don’t believe that there is anything strange with the official story unfolding in the media, it is undeniable that the government has used this situation to justify a militarized police state presence all around Boston. In the days and weeks that follow, it is going to be of great interest to see what sort of garbage agenda the establishment tries to push through.

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