Boston Marathon – Suspect 1 – Reports vs Fact – WARNING GRAPHIC

THE IMAGE IN A URL IN THE ARTICLE IS INCREDIBLY GRAPHIC – it is safe to open the article itself, you have to click on “viewed here” to see the image – just fair warning

I just ran across this online –…la_inbound – I’d like to give the ops and guests fair warning – there is an image in the article (you have to actually click to open it its safe to navigate to the URL i posted without being blind sided with gore) that is apparently verified to be Suspect 1 in the hospital (dead)

I’d like to point out – to those with strong enough stomachs to look at it – that he looks as if he has a chemical burn across his face/right shoulder, and bullet wounds. As the only commenter in that article has posted “Thoracotomy. The large wound is evidence of an emergency procedure to restart his heart. Iodine traces are evident around the wound’s perimeter.”

The type of bombs these two made blew shrapnel out of them – there would not be chemical burns on him. He would be shredded wherever was nearest to the explosion, with punctures and tears around it.

There is also no indication that the younger brother ran him over – article saying the same thing:…ng_suspect

I think misinformation was provided to the media in order to try flushing the younger brother out of hiding. At least the part about the younger brother having run him over.

via Truth Seekers: Cutting Through The Crap – All Forums

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