Missouri State Government Collecting Concealed Carry Information

The new Department of Revenue policy, which was intended to stop fraud, has been the target of Missouri Republicans who condemn the privacy rights violations.

The Kansas City Star reported:

Quote:“As part of an inquiry into the new licensing procedures by the Senate Appropriations Committee, the Missouri State Highway Patrol recently said it had twice obtained a list of people holding concealed gun permits and provided the information to a disability fraud investigator in the U.S. Social Security Administration.

The patrol got the comprehensive list with the help of the state’s computing division, which extracted data kept by the Department of Revenue as part of its responsibility for issuing photo identification cards to concealed gun permit holders.”

The Social Security Administration claimed they were unable to read the computer files given to them and had them destroyed.

This policy involves having clerks at the Department of Revenue keep a log of driver license applicants who also require a concealed carry permit. In Missouri the license bureaus also issue the carry permits which are then printed at the Department of Revenue.

The uproar began when Revenue Department Director Brian Long testified at a recent hearing at a Senate Appropriations Committee. Long refused to agree to stop scanning and retaining concealed carry data. Shortly after Long resigned from his position.

Democratic Governor Jay Nixon recently ordered an end to the copying of concealed gun permits, but that has not proven to be enough to subdue the opposition.

On Monday Missouri Senators voted to defund several departments connected to the concealed carry collection. These include the Department of Revenue, the Department of Public Safety and the state Office of Administration. If the new budget becomes law Missouri citizens may not be able to get new driver licenses.

The budget cuts are a desperate measure for those who believe it possible that these policies could lead to the federal government creating a list of armed American citizens. Some fear this could be used to take away guns from law abiding citizens in the event of civil unrest, or a martial law situation like we saw recently in Boston.

Although these measures and other are a requirement of the much maligned federal REAL ID Act, the state of Missouri passed a law in 2009 that prohibits the Revenue Department from implementing such policies. State Senator Kurt Schaefer said the new licensing system violates the law.

Currently lawmakers are working on legislation that would move the concealed weapon endorsement from the driver’s license directly to the sheriff. The measure has already garnered support in the state Senate. Another provision would require any information that has already been collected to be destroyed.

In the wake of the Boston martial law lockdown Americans around the country are growing more fearful of their government. The Obama Administration and the Massachusetts State Police showed how far they are willing to take the police state, and the people showed how much they will take.

With the DHS purchasing billions of rounds of ammunition, and the federal government considering drone killings on American soil is it any wonder an individual would want to protect their family? Everyday activists and citizens who oppose the governments policies risk the chance of being labeled an enemy combatant and having their most basic rights stripped.

While the State may believe the age of privacy is over it is up to each of us to decide how much information we allow to be public. Do not willingly give up your privacy or freedom in the name of safety. We could all do well to listen to the words of Sheriff Richard Mack.

found @ http://intellihub.com/2013/04/24/missour…formation/

via Truth Seekers: Cutting Through The Crap – All Forums http://true.icyboards.net/showthread.php?tid=108

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