Ideomotor effect: The driving force behind Ouija boards and fake bomb detectors

Quote:[Image: A-Oujia-board-pointing-to-YES-via-Shutte...15x345.jpg]

This week businessman James McCormick was convicted of fraud after making £50m selling fake bomb detectors to security forces in Iraq and many other countries around the world. The detectors were said to work in a similar way to dowsing rods and were claimed to detect explosives up to one kilometre below the ground. Even more incredibly, they could apparently be used to locate drugs, people, elephants – even $100 bills. They didn’t work and, in all probability, hundreds of lives were lost as a result of misplaced trust in the phoney devices.

In February, a similar device was reported to be capable of detecting liver disease in patients sitting several feet away. The claims were endorsed by Dr Gamal Shiha, “one of Egypt’s most respected liver specialists, and one of the device’s developers”. Sceptics were quick to point out that the claims were not based on peer-reviewed research and that there was no plausible mechanism by which such a device could work. As Síle Lane of Sense About Science put it, such miraculous devices offer “hope and nothing more”.

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