Why “Government” Is Inherently Evil

No less giant minds than Jesus and J.R.R. Tolkien tried to teach us the Truth1 that because “Power Over the Other” is deception-based, fear-based, anti-individual, and anti-God, it is inherently evil and inevitably corrupting.

There is an inherent unworkability to the “mind-of-A-controlling-the-body-of-B” paradigm, which I call the “Government Glitch.” The reality-based definition of the word is: “Government” = person or group A coercing (via a “legal” monopoly on violence and terrorism) person or group B to obey the will of A on pain of loss of life, liberty, and property. Government is not a real thing. It is an illusion, a deception. In reality, government is merely the dominant members (“rulers”) of the stupid-human herd pecking order who call themselves “government” and who are obeyed by the less dominant members (“subjects”) of the herd.

“501©(3) Church” = “religious” political pecking order organized to brainwash individuals into believing the lies that the theivery and murder perpetrated by the “secular” pecking order (“government”) is the “will of God.” The reason “government” does not, indeed cannot, work is because when the mind of A is allowed to control the body (physical labor) of B, there is no end to the wants, demands, and expectations of A’s mind.

If not “in Power,” A’s wants, demands, and expectations are physically restricted by the reality-based physical limitations of A’s body to produce all those wants, demands, and expectations for itself. If “in Power,” A’s wants, demands, and expectations are not restricted by the reality-based physical limitations of A’s body to produce all those wants, demands, and expectations for itself. This fact is why self-sufficiency is vastly preferable to interdependency as both a virtue and a political theory. It is also the reason why, in the long run, no economy can function unless it is composed of willing buyers and willing sellers in a free market.

When in possession of the One Ring (of political Power Over the Other) the mind of A, not being restricted by the limits of the body of A to produce its own wants and needs, becomes corrupted because the body of B is producing A’s wants and needs. In the “mind-of-A-controlling-the-body-of-B” paradigm, the mind of A is insatiable. It becomes greedy and crazy, demanding more and more physical labor from B’s body, until the body of B can no longer meet the heaviness of the burden A’s power-corrupted mind is demanding from it.

Thomas Jefferson wrote that “all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed”. In other words, at the point at which B’s burden is no longer sufferable, B stops obeying A. When this happens, it is called a “revolution”. B is forced to resort to defensive violence to defend against the aggressive violence and coercion of A. If B defeats A, then B is said to be a “patriot”. But if A wins, it is called “law enforcement” or “rule of law” and B is said to be a “traitor” and executed for “treason”.

The fact of the matter is humans were created (or evolved if you prefer) AS INDIVIDUALS with individual minds, free will, and an inherent survival need for individual freedom, self-ownership and self-determination. We don’t like being slaves. We don’t like somebody running our lives, giving us orders, controlling us with fear, and stealing our labor.

We all know how we would and would not like to be treated. Therefore, if we want to live at peace with our fellow human beings, it is obvious that we have no other choice but to voluntarily refrain from treating others as we would not want to be treated by them. This ethic of reciprocity is commonly known as “The Golden Rule”. The early Judaic culture codified this empirically observable cause-and-effect “Law of Nature” governing human relationships at Le 19:18. It was later reinforced in such places as Mt 19:19, Mt 22:39, Mk 12:31, Lu 10:27, Ro 13:9, Gal 5:14, Jas 2:8, etc.

It is an absolute impossibility for this voluntary-compliance moral ethic be legislated or enforced by the coercion, deception, fear and “legal” monopoly on violence inherent in the “mind-of-A-controlling-the-body-of-B” paradigm best known by the deception-based euphemism “government”. It is impossible to legislate morality, and it is likewise impossible to create a voluntary-compliance moral culture by using the inherently evil and inevitably corrupting One Ring of political Power Over the Other. A society in which everybody competes with everybody else for public office so they can use the collective police power of the state to steal what they want (via taxation) from their neighbors, is inherently evil and unsustainable. The economic cannibalism inherent in the “government” paradigm can only result in conflict, suffering, and spiritual and intellectual regression of our species.

That’s why most of the Founders were deists who deeply distrusted and disliked “government”. They well knew that only an Anarcho-Christian culture which thoroughly understood and distrusted the inherent evil and inevitable corruptibility of government would have any chance at all of sustaining contractually/constitutionally limited government for any length of time. Considering the condition of American society today, it is evident the Founders’ “noble experiment” failed. Part of the 200-500-year revolutionary cycle has always consisted of politicians using false promises of “something for nothing” to dumb down the people whose lives they rule so the hoi polloi will stupidly trust the ruling classes. The “religious” and “secular” ruling classes of Jesus Christ’s day joined forces and crucified him for trying to explain all this to the hoi polloi working classes and empower them to change their lives by first changing their hearts (aka “world views”), and thereby changing all of human society for the better.


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